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3 Dimensional Coaching

Meet Tiffin University Head Women's Wrestling Coach Brittney Gadd

Mark 10:45 says, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as ransom for many”. As a coach I am in a perfect situation to love and serve my team in the way that they need. My job is to recruit athletes, run practices, push athletes to do well, budget the programs money well, some administration duties, scheduling events, travel and the list could go on. That is what the world may think the description of a coach is, although that is very well true I tend to look at it differently. As a Christian who is called to be a coach in the world of athletics those are all ways I can serve my team, love my team and show them I can do my best in all of those areas while bringing light to the one who provides the way. I believe God has built this wonderful platform of sports and athletics for me to carry out his calling on my life as once an athlete and now a coach. It wasn’t too long ago I was in college searching for all of these answers about my faith. I was running aimlessly with no meaning or purpose trying to figure out what I wanted and not what God wanted for my life. I remember surrendering my life at the alter answering to his calling me into sports ministry. At the time I wasn’t so sure what that looked like in my life or what I would be doing 2 years later. All I know is once I surrendered my life making God my main focus all the blessings started to pour out. I loved people in a way that I couldn’t love them before; this was because I recognized I had the love of the Father. My faith journey took off running. In that same year I surrendered my life, I was baptized, lead a missions trip to Haiti with my soccer team, spent 3.5 months in Zambia Africa doing sports ministry, and now I am coaching full time at a University for women’s wrestling. I have been very blessed with this gift of athleticism, that is how God chose to form me; he’s calling me for his greater purpose. So I choose to give back and share my gifts so that these athletes can see what I didn’t see in college, a God who so deeply loves them and wants to show them that this life is good and full of his adventures. “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, this is your true and proper worship.” Romans 12:1. If God has blessed you with athleticism and sports then practice time, game time, and match times are the Lords. All of those things should be offered up as worship to bring God the glory for his gifts. In those competitive moments I can be humbly confident that God is with us. Being a fairly new coach the responsibility can be overwhelming. I often struggle with asking myself if I am enough for my athletes? As a coach do I give them everything they need to be successful in life as well as in the sport? What I do know is that I can do all things through Christ because he strengthens me and equips me to be in the leadership role he is calling me to be in. God goes before us and is available in all situations.

Meet Head Coach of Start High School Football Todd Sabo

Coach Todd Sabo has been a huddle leader at Start High School in Toledo for six years. His deep passion for the Lord has influenced many of his athletes as well as others in the community. Watch the video below to see how his words convey the powerful message of God to a group of athletes.

At the heart of FCA are coaches.  Our role is to minister to these men and women by encouraging and equipping them to know and serve Christ.

FCA ministers to coaches through Bible studies, staff contacts, prayer support, discipleship and mentoring, Behind the Bench (a program for coaches wives), resources, outreach events, national and local conventions, conferences and retreats.